The high-purity hydrogen generator consists of electrolytic system, pressure control system, purification system, electric control system and display system. Advanced membrane separation technique is adopted for electrolyzing hydrogen, and by the pressure control system comprising infrared photo feedback device and switching power supplies, the volume of hydrogen generated can be adjusted automatically according to output requirements, to maintain a stable output flow and pressure. The device is applicable to carrier gas of various gas chromatographs and comprehensive logging instruments, and widely used in oil field, universities and colleges, factories and research units.

The device is a substitute for high-pressure cylinder, and it is easy to operate. It can improve the safety of laboratory through instrumentation. The volume of nitrogen produced is displayed by digital code, and the working condition of the device can be observed at any time. The device can be operated continuously or discontinuously. Nitrogen production is stable, and the device can be used for long time.

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